Psoriasis Korea

Korea has a long history of tradition in using Chinese medicine to treat many chronic diseases including psoriasis. Many Korean herbal medications are derived from traditional Chinese medicine.

Western Topical Medications in Korea

Most koreans seek treatment from their dermatologists in order to get standard treatments such as Stelara, Dovonex, Daivonex, Daivobet, Dovobet. For chronic or severe psoriasis, phototherapy such as PUVA is also widely used.

Topical Herbal Medications to Treat Psoriasis

Our unique herbal medications such as herbal cream, ointment, shampoo, lotion, spray, gel and oil are available for online purchase. Our online pharmacy also has a stock on other popular herbal and western generic steroid medications for psoriasis.

Cities in Korea

Name Hangul Hanja Year of Split Province split from

Seoul 서울 _ December, 1067 Yangju (then Namgyeong)

Scalp psoriasis, penis psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, face psoriasis

Busan 부산 釜山 January 1, 1963 S. Gyeongsang

Daegu 대구 大邱 July 1, 1981 N. Gyeongsang

Incheon 인천 仁川 July 1, 1981 Gyeonggi

Gwangju 광주 光州 November 1, 1986 S. Jeolla

Daejeon 대전 大田 January 1, 1989 S. Chungcheong

Ulsan 울산 蔚山 July 15, 1997 S. Gyeongsang

Sejong 세종 世宗 July 1, 2012 S. Chungcheong small part of N. Chungcheong

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Psoriasis Story

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Psoriasis Story

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Psoriasis Story

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