Fingernail Psoriasis

Fingernail or nail psoriasis, is a form of psoriasis which is very common. People who are affected by fingernail psoriasis have symptoms of patches of red skin with slivery or flaky scales.

Topical Therapy for Fingernail Psoriasis

Currently doctor and dermatologist do not think there is a cure for fingernail psoriasis. Doctors will only prescribe some palliative therapies to control symptoms of fingernail psoriasis. These topical therapies include:

Steroid Cream

Topical Vitamin A, Vitamin D

PUVA Therapy with Psoralen and Ultraviolet Light

Systemic Therapy with methotrexate, Enbrel (etanercept), Humira (adalimumab), Remicade (infliximab).

Home Therapy for Fingernail Psoriasis

Since western doctor and dermatologist do not think there is a cure for fingernail psoriasis, people with psoriasis symptoms should not limit themselves to traditional prescription medicine. Instead, alternative therapy, herbal therapy and home therapy have been the popular choice for fingernail psoriasis, especially for chronic and severe cases.

Herbal Therapy to Cure Fingernail Psoriasis

Monk herbal therapy provided by our laboratory is the leading herbal therapy for fingernail psoriasis and other types of psoriasis. The herbal therapy is available in cream, shampoo, lotion, ointment, spray, oil. Monk herbal therapy cures both skin symptoms and underlying cause of psoriasis.

Thorough Therapy to Cure Fingernail Psoriasis

Monk herbal therapy contains herbal ingredients which not only clears up silvery scales and red patches on the skin, it also cures the underlying cause of fingernail psoriasis by going into the body and blood vessels to neutralize heat and toxin produced by abnormal body function. This is called 'cooling' process of the blood. When heat and toxin is gone, the blood system is normal again, and skin symptoms will eventually disappear.


Herbal Cure for Fingernail Psoriasis

Unlike western steroid therapy that treats only skin symptoms but ignore the causing factors behind silvery scales and red patches, Our herbal cure is comprehensive and thorough. The herbal formula consists of a variety of herbs for different healing purposes. Other than treating skin symptoms, the herbal ingredients also penetrate through the skin and into the blood. When people are having fingernail psoriasis, the blood is abnormal, thicker than normal, contain toxin produced by liver, kidney and other organs. This condition is called 'heat', in TCM view. Our herbal medicine cures fingernail psoriasis by cooling down the blood, clearing up toxin and restoring normal blood content.

Signs and Symptoms of Fingernail Psoriasis


Alternative Treatment for Fingernail Psoriasis

Although there are many therapies that are available for fingernail psoriasis, many are inexpensive to use, the efficacy is not very satisfactory. Western therapies have poor results on fingernail psoriasis because these therapies do not have a solution for the underlying cause, that is the heat and toxin in the blood. Our monk herbal cream, shampoo, spray, lotion, ointment, oil, and paste have a clear answer to the complexity of fingernail psoriasis. With Monk herbal medicine, skin symptoms and root cause of fingernail psoriasis are cured concurrently.




Psoriasis Story

Julia tells her successful herbal cure with our herbal treatment for her daughter.
Julia, Selangor, Malaysia
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Psoriasis Story

This is a great product, worked better than prescription medicine.
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Psoriasis Story

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