Ear Psoriasis

Ear psoriasis is not common but it affects our appearance and can potentially block our hearings temporarily. Ear psoriasis can be cured with monk herbal treatment.

Ear Psoriasis Symptoms

Ear psoriasis causes symptoms such as scale to build up in the ear canal and can produce blockage of ear canal that may affect our hearings. Ear psoriasis typically produces symptoms such as dry skin and scaling in the external ear canal, and behind the ear.

Ear Psoriasis Treatment

Some topical medications are used to control psoriasis scales in the external ear. The blockage of ear canal is also removed. Do not pick or scratch affected area of the ear to prevent damage of ear tissues. Our herbal cream can be used inside ear canal to calm the affected area and eventually clear up all scaly skin.


Cause of Ear Psoriasis

Immune system triggered response is the major cause of ear psoriasis. Cosmetics, earrings, topical medications are the possible causes of ear psoriasis. Another cause of ear psoriasis is excessive moisture in the ear that causes bacteria and fungus to grow inside the ear canal.


Ear Psoriasis Treatment with Herbal Medicine

Our Herbal spray and cream are the perfect natural cure for ear psoriasis. The herbal medicine used in the cure is the only way to get rid of psoriasis naturally. The herbal formula has passed from generation to generation in temples of mountain area in China by a groups of monks. If you are frustrated with so-called psoriasis cure, you definitely should try our herbal spray and cream.




Psoriasis Story

Julia tells her successful herbal cure with our herbal treatment for her daughter.
Julia, Selangor, Malaysia
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Psoriasis Story

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Psoriasis Story

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